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“Joe’s” Rocky Point shrimp recipe

Today’s post is about shrimp…Amo el camaron!


Joe's Rocky Point Shrimp

Joe’s Rocky Point Shrimp


Ok, so if you are familiar with Rocky Point, you know about the shrimp, but please feel free to continue reading. If you are new to Rocky Point or just thinking about visiting, it may just be worth the trip for the shrimp alone. You can order it at any restaurant or buy some in the Malecon and cook it at home. You cannot leave Mexico without having at least one Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, unless you’re allergic, then of course please don’t. Our favorite restaurant for shrimp in the Malecon is Seafood Mary’s, we recommend the seafood platter. Flavio’s is great too, especially for a shrimp cocktail, and a well-known favorite seaside eatery.

Rocky Point is still a fishing village, where a large variety of fish is still a big draw for fisherman from all over. PuertoPenasco.com has a great link to a fishing chart for all of the various fish that can be caught in the area and the best months.

However, shrimp is my true love… check out my Pinterest under Puerto Penasco Living, where I have an entire board dedicated to shrimp. Shrimp season starts in September and goes roughly until April. The “rule of thumb” is that the shrimp is fresh in the months that have an “R” in them. You can still each and purchase shrimp in the summer months, it is usually just frozen stock, which is still better than anything you can get in the US.

Today, I am giving up Kyle and my absolute favorite shrimp taco recipe that we make as often as we can. It’s really basic, really fast, and totally delicious!

Our favorite meal of shrimp, asparagus, and Margaritas

Our favorite meal of shrimp, asparagus, and Margaritas

It’s so easy, I’m not sure it qualifies a as “recipe”, but here goes:


  • Shrimp*
  • Asparagus (you can buy at the shrimp market usually $2-5 for a large bunch)
  • Tortillas (you can get them almost anywhere)
  • Butter or Olive Oil
  • Garlic (optional)

*We buy our shrimp from “Rocky Shrimp” in the Malecon. He will de-shell, clean and de-vein the shrimp and put them on ice for the ride home. The price of shrimp runs around $5 to $7 per pound, the larger shrimp are more expensive, but we love them because they taste like lobster when sautéed in butter. We usually buy 2lbs just for us!

Back at the condo, we clean the shrimp under cold running water to make sure all the shells are off and all are de-veined. Then throw them in a skillet with butter or olive oil and cook until done, we also use garlic salt/powder/fresh, whatever is on hand.

In another pot, boil the asparagus to your desired tenderness, we like ours firm.

Not long now...

Not long now…

"Joe" the chef

“Joe” the chef

Take the tortillas, put them on a plate (you can warm them first if you like), put on the shrimp and asparagus and enjoy! Sometimes we add a can of black beans and some salsa, sometimes we go without tortilla if we are saving our carbs for the adult beverages (as shown). We also recommend having margaritas on hand and eating at sunset, and then posting pictures on Facebook to make everyone jealous!

Fabulous sunset dinner

Fabulous sunset dinner


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