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Mother’s Day in Mexico

It’s May! Spring is here. It’s time to celebrate Mother’s Day In Mexico.

Stephanie Wood with her Daughter Brigid, Mother and Grandmother

This mother’s day I offer this tribute to my grandmother who inspired me to follow my passions and not always follow the rules. She passed away two years ago in April and her story still inspires me. She was able to come to Rocky Point with us once and luckily we saw dolphins on that trip and she sat on the beach for hours and we walked and collected shells on the beach.

My grandma was one of the original wild women of our time. She was born in Kansas in 1926 and lived thru the great depression and the dust bowl, and in her own words if they didn’t grow it on their farm, they didn’t eat it. She got divorced three times when you weren’t supposed to even once. She worked when women weren’t supposed to. She raised three girls who grew up to be strong, independent, amazing, wild women. Those three women and my grandma made me into the women I am today, and I am passing her legacy down to my two daughters, her great granddaughters. She has two grandsons that she, with their wild mothers, helped mold into men, who are both married to strong, wild women. She taught them, as we should all teach our sons, not to be afraid or fear wild women, but to love and honor them for their spirit.

Stephanie Wood’s Family

My grandma taught me to be kind and to be happy. She told us time and again life is too short not to be happy and to try to make the best of every situation and see the good in it. And she loved us all fiercely, because if she was ever fierce about anything it was her girls and her grandchildren.

The love she had for her children made her seem tame and mild to some, but her spirit always remained wild. It showed in little ways to remind us of it, in her bright red Buick Wildcat, and her 5 inch heels, and her sexy dresses that I found in her closet and played dress up in as a little girl. Because although we can seem to be tamed as we go thru life, it is only the fierce love for our family that keeps us tethered. But be warned, as my wonderful husband, uncle, brother, and cousin know, if you love a wild woman, she will speak her mind, and follow her career and take trips on her own, and ask for forgiveness rather than permission, she will not apologize for being wild or crazy, she will embrace it. And she will break free from time to time and go out dancing and drinking and laughing with her friends until the wee hours of the morning, but she will come home and be there with her family for breakfast in the morning – as long as you give her lots of coffee and Advil and let her take a nap later.

Taking a Break from the Heat in Utah

My grandmother’s mark on history is this legacy, to change the world for the better, with love and kindness and happiness and fierceness. I have seen it in my life with those who have known her and are better for it. And I have seen her daughters, who have changed the world for the better and left their mark on other wild women, who have said if it wasn’t for Marilyn or Barbara or Esther, they wouldn’t have had the courage to follow thru on their goals and dreams. And those women go out and do the same thing for other women – and the world is changed for the better. And every man who stands beside his wild woman and embraces her and says to the world it’s ok to love a strong, independent, amazing, wild woman – that changes the world for the better. And for every young girl, like our daughters, who will accept nothing less – that changes the world for the better.

I am so blessed and thankful that I was given the gift that she was chosen for me to be my grandma. So as we celebrate her life today, forever young at heart, go out and be kind, be happy, love fiercely with all of your heart, and make the world a better place one person at a time.

In dedication ~ Loretta Yates ~ January 1926 – April 2015

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