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Puerto Penasco Joe is a huge advocate for dog adoption. Why buy a dog from a store or a breeder when there are so many awesome dogs that need homes? I am also a firm believer that “mutts” are the best dogs you can ever own. Hey, it’s my blog, I get to get on my soapbox once in a while.

Lola at Las Palomas, Rocky Point, Mexico

Our first day with Lola, at Las Palomas, Rocky Point, Mexico

Puerto Penasco has a large stray dog population. Everywhere you go in town you are guaranteed to see dogs of all varieties, in all kinds of conditions. Some of these dogs do have homes, but many of them do not.


We found our dog, Lola, crossing Highway 8, smack in the middle between Sonoyta and Rocky Point. We think it’s fate.

Highway 8 to Rocky Point...where we found our Lola

Highway 8 to Rocky Point…where we found our Lola

Sometimes a vacation can change your life! Saturday, June 11, 2011, we were on our way to Rocky Point to enjoy a weekend at the beach as usual. Suddenly this little black dog crawled out from the side of the road, right in front of us, and just laid down in the middle divider line of Highway 8. We stopped the car and picked her up, she was no more than 4 weeks old. She sat in the backseat of the Prius with Brigid, on a pillow pet, and we gave her water and Ruffles (the only food we had in the car). Our Saturday plans changed as we got to Rocky Point. We stopped at the first pet store in town to get directions to a veterinarian. Once we finally found the vet, we were pleased to find it very clean and modern and the equivalent to any vet in the States. They gave her an exam and some shots.


We had her groomed and then took her back to the condo. She very quickly became part of our family. After much deliberation as to what to name her, Brigid thought of the name Lola. As soon as we called her that, her tail started wagging, she came right over, and she was named! Lola, our awesome Mexi-Mutt will be four years old this June and we can’t imagine life without her.


Lola growing up to be a beach dog!

Lola growing up to be a beach dog!


Where to get more information on adoptions:

In Rocky Point there are several rescue shelters for dogs (and cats) that work year round to give these dogs food and medical attention. The next time you are ready for a new addition to your family, we would encourage you to visit one of the shelters here in Rocky Point to adopt; or maybe even scoop a stray up off the highway, like we did with our Lola!


Here is some information on the two main animal shelters in town. You can also follow them on Facebook. These women do amazing work!

Barbs Dog Rescue: ‪ http://www.barbsdogrescuerp.com

Barb’s in located just off Highway 8, about 8 miles north of Puerto Penasco, Mexico (follow signs.)

Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point (AACORP)http://www.rpaac.org

Nancy Phelan runs AACORP. She rescues animals, provides food, medical care, and conducts spay/neuter clinics. There are also many stray cats that she cares for and adopts out. AACORP is located on Leon de la Barra #138. Coming down Benito Juarez toward the city you will see the Pollo Lucus (chicken palapa restaurant).  One block south is Leon de la Barra (Calle 15), come down three blocks and she is on the corner (left side). Look for a trailer in the front yard and honk. In Mexico you can call 383-1012. In Phoenix call 602-412-3932. In Tucson call 520-407- 6594.

Both shelters are always in need of food and donations. So, drop off some food, stay to pet some dogs, and maybe take one home!

Also, if you are a vet, or just want to get involved, Rocky Point has a spay/neuter clinic one to two times per year and they are always looking for volunteers. Contact Nancy at AACORP for more information.

Lola the Mexican Lab at home in Phoenix

Lola the Mexican Lab at home in Phoenix, spoiled rotten!

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